Thank you for your generosity in providing us with our new found grant-seeking skills!  I found especially helpful your section on gathering intelligence, and on the cold call example.  I had no idea about those things.  The day was full of insights and I left feeling inspired and encouraged.  It was a pleasure to meet all the other students, and a pleasure to have some time to talk with them.  I am looking forward to the follow-up.  And of course to informing you of the funding of my project, (thanks to you).

Greta, Grant Writing for Dancers - June 17

Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you at the Honolulu Workshop. I am wowed by your breadth of knowledge, the depth of your commitment to your students and clients, and your skillful delivery.  It has been an honor to learn from the best.

Mary, University of Hawaii, May 2011

Grant Writing for Dancers - June 3

Our coordinator, Christina, attended the seminar you so graciously invited us to.  I wish I could have made it, but she reported that it was one of the best she had attended. Thank you for your great work...

Albertossy, Dance Resource Center, President

Grant Writing for Dancers - June 3

The workshop was incredibly informative, and I left feeling ready to tackle grants for the DRC! As I mentioned before, yours was the most beneficial workshop I've attended on grant writing...Thanks again.

Christina, Dance Resource Center, Coordinator

Your fantastic seminar was filled with so much usable information that I am sure many of the participants will be awarded grants because of you! I now feel confident about the “creation” process and grant writing has sparked a new drive and competitive passion. I want to win, Win, WIN! Thank you again John, your seminar was life changing for me.

D.W., Colby College

Thank you for your insight and information at the Grant Writing workshop in Salt Lake City. As a beginner, I found it extremely helpful and have already discussed key elements of style and research with several faculty members of my department. I’m confident I will be able to put the knowledge gained into practice. After three days it is easy to see how your enthusiasm rubs off!

J.B., Brigham Young University

On behalf of Central Washington University’s College of Arts and Humanities, I want to thank you for providing us with such outstanding workshops on grant writing. I found the workshop I attended informative and inspirational, and everyone I talked with did as well. In fact, a number of faculty members have indicated to me that this was the best grant writing workshop they have ever attended. The PowerPoint presentation and other handouts will also be very useful as we apply for more and more grants in the future.

Marge, Central Washington University

I attended your workshop in Las Vegas and wanted to give you an update. A recent grant application for Title II funds through the Governor’s Office for Children, Youth and Families was accepted. When writing that grant, I referred to my notes and materials from your class. My proposal scored 950 out of 1000 and scored consistently high across the board of reviewers (judges, peers, community folks.) The funding source told me it was the best application they remember receiving. I thought I could brag to you because I learned so much from your class and have changed my approach to grant writing.

R.H., Maricopa County

Thank you very much for participating at this year’s Annual Conference on Financial Education. As with previous years, your presentation was well received by the attendees at our Conference. Below is a sample of some of the feedback we have received:

“This was one of the most useful seminars I have attended on grant writing. What was helpful were the many specific and concrete steps that contribute to a successful proposal. John was very effective.”

“Outstanding! Very informative.”

“Valuable information.  Great delivery, will use immediately.”

Leslie, Institute for Financial Literacy

Thank you so much for sending me this Power Point! I just wanted to thank you also for you doing such a great job. I earned a lot in attending the Strategic Grant Proposal Writing Workshop. Even though I am not a grant writer, but a Grants Administrator in our agency, this workshop was a very big help. We will miss you!

N.V., Alaska Pacific University

Thank you very much for an incredibly useful and enjoyable workshop last month at UH. I have recommended it to several colleagues, so I hope you'll be back again in the future to share your wisdom and advice.

P.G., University of Hawaii

Your presentation of the conference materials was outstanding. Thank you for your energy, honesty and confidence you shared with all of us. I feel very grateful for the dynamics of our group and the way you led by example. Thank you, too, for offering to be a long-term consultant. What a gift for each of us!

K.N., UC Santa Barbara