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How To Write An Evaluation Plan

Posted by Webmaster on January 21, 2017

An evaluation plan should not be considered only after the project is over; it should be built into the project. Including an evaluation plan in your proposal indicates that you take your objectives seriously and want to know how well you have achieved them. Evaluation is also a sound management tool. Like strategic planning, it helps a nonprofit refine and improve its program. An evaluation can often be the best means for others to learn from your experience in conducting the project. Continue Reading

David Knox, O’Malley International client, publishes industry leading book “Body School”

Posted by Webmaster on September 15, 2016

David Knox, an expert in dance, martial arts, and yoga, has spent decades developing safe and effective healing and recovery techniques for chronic pain and injuries. His easy-to-understand, user-friendly, and beautifully illustrated book, is a great example of the type of product we develop here at O'Malley International. You can find his book on Amazon or your local book store. We wish David continued success! image Continue Reading

How to Find Funding Sources

Posted by Webmaster on August 02, 2016

There are many great resources available to find grant opportunities for your non-profit organization. Do you know where to find them? Continue Reading

Chaunda Walker Wall’s new book, “Breaking Into Me”, is breaking onto the market!

Posted by Webmaster on August 01, 2016

O'Malley International client, Chaunda Walker Wall has a new book that was recently released - "Breaking Into Me". This book is sure to inspire, uplift and motivate anyone who reads it. We are dedicated to spreading the word about this book and assisting in all areas of publicity and author events in the Local Atlanta market. image Continue Reading

Finding the Right Funder

Posted by John O'Malley on July 22, 2016

Have you ever wondered the best way to find the funders you are looking for to fund your projects? Here are a few tips. Continue Reading


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