David Knox, O’Malley International client, publishes industry leading book “Body School”

Posted by Webmaster on September 15, 2016

David Knox spent more than 20 years in New York studying ballet, jazz, and modern and ethnic dance. He is also an expert in martial arts and currently holds two black belts in Japanese martial techniques. Diagnosed with a rare congenital spinal fracture early in his career, David began developing safe and effective healing and recovery techniques. Today, he trains many clients, focusing not only on strength and cardiovascular benefits, but emphasizing healthful form, support, and technique to keep joints, bones, muscles, and nerves at their best throughout life.   His easy-to-understand, user-friendly, and beautifully illustrated book, is a great example of the type of product we develop here at O'Malley International. We wish David continued success! You can find his book here or at your local book seller.


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