How to Find Funding Sources

Posted by Webmaster on August 02, 2016

The Top Three Resources for Funding Sources for Nonprofits are:

1. The Foundation Center - There are many libraries across the United States that serve as portals for the Foundation Center resources. If you cannot find one locally, you can access many of their resources online. Check out their site to find if they have a Foundation Center in your area.

If you live near a The Cooperating Collection for The Foundation Center, this is a great place to start! The primary focus of the Foundation Center is to provide nonprofit organizations and individuals with current, factual information about grants and grantmaking organizations. They have several resources available for grant research including search capabilities through The Foundation Center Directory’s Database on CD. The Library subscribes to a "core collection" of print materials on grant makers and grants made. Materials in the Library include all the Foundation Center publications; books and magazines pertaining to philanthropy; foundation IRS returns for MD, annual reports; and information on local foundations.

2. Your local Congressional Representative - You can call your local Congressional representative's office with requests about a specific type of funding and they will help you locate and receive information on potential federal grants. Often they have resources on their websites as well. Locate your local representative at: for additional grant help and resources.

3. Your local neighborhood businesses - Contact any companies you do business with or companies who do business in the area where you provide services. Most companies have a grant giving arm whether through local giving programs or through a corporate foundation - for example Wells Fargo, Office Depot, Edison are all examples of companies you may use who may have a grant opportunity that will match what you need!


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